Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amber and Jeff and some biscuits!!

A few weeks ago I wrote about inspiration and I shared my freshly clipped wildflowers, or weeds whichever you prefer to call them!! Since that last post I have been part of a fabulous wedding - Amber and Jeff were married at Loveless Cafe Barn on October 1, 2011!!

What a wonderfully calm and relaxed bride Amber was!! We kept her look very natural, as she wears no makeup on a daily basis. Her hair consisted of soft curls that were swept up  and cascaded onto her shoulders. She was stunning!! I also had a great time getting to know her Maid of Honor as well as her now, mother-in-law, as I created their wedding day looks with fabulous makeup to bring out their eyes and hair styles that could withstand a few spins around the dance floor later that evening!

 It is so nice to see brides sharing their day with so many people and the beginnings of wonderful family bonds.

The venue, Loveless Barn, is amazing!! With lights strung and burlap accents to the tables it was sure to be a relaxed yet special evening for everyone! One that will definitely be remembered by all! And for those of you who know the Loveless Cafe, and their biscuits, I had to order a to-go box and my favorite peach preserves!! Yummy! This job definitely comes with LOTS of benefits!!

 Today, you get to see a picture of those world famous biscuits and stay tuned for the pictures of Amber!! Can't wait to share them with you!!

So what are your plans? I would love to hear your inspired ideas and dreams for your Big Day!!

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