Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making the MOVE!!

So as you know, I am new to Nashville as of June 2011. My husband, Alan, and I moved our family here and we are loving the lifestyle and area!! There are so many things we like about Nashville and our new home on the hill like Loveless Cafe biscuits, coffee with an AMAZING view, our kids playing with their new puppies (boxers named Texas and Savannah) and the laid back artistic style of the community! These are just a few of our favorite things about living here and they are also some of the things that are stretching me in the area of hair and makeup artistry and design!

Being raised in Atlanta, Georgia and working with brides, socialites and pageant girls in the Metro area has been a wonderful inspiration for me! I have done weddings of all sorts, all budgets and all cultures! It is a cornucopia of people and style! However, the overarching style of glamour and sleek design differs greatly from the more relaxed, etherial look that permeates the bridal market here in Nashville.... and the change is a welcome breathe of fresh air!

I have been a part of two absolutely amazing style shoots that will be unveiled soon.. but I can share a few tidbits with you.  We compiled 6 fresh and fanciful looks that capture the trend of loose and "fuss-free" hair along with makeup that is natural yet alluring at the same time!! (Do you like that description "fuss-free?" I thought of that one myself - LOL!)

Some of my favorite new toys to play with, which I discovered during these shoots, are hair pieces that have a very vintage feel with a modern twist - we even used vintage earrings to decorate a simple birdcage!  Natural makeup with a pop of color on the lips - especially red... my favorite red lipstick is Paula Dorf Stiletto. And there is so much more but "mum" is the word for now!!

Well I hope you will stay tuned and keep checking back until I can unveil the amazing styles we have created to INSPIRE you!!



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